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Nozstock Minirig 3

Nozstock Minirig 3

We have teamed up with Nozstock festival 2019 to celebrate the collaboration this year we have released an exclusive run of Nozstock engraved Minirig 3 speakers.

Once they're gone they're gone!

If you're going to Nozstock don't forget to checkout the Minirig self serve tower and Gorilla Tactics x Minirig at The Bullpen with a four hour takeover.

Hopefully see you there.

We engrave these Minrigs to order so please allow 3-5 days for shipping.

For more details please see the Minirig page.

Whats included: Minirig 3 Bluetooth speaker, audio cable, charger cable, case, and a whole lot of bass. All delivered in recycled & recyclable packaging!


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