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Inkie, Hand Painted

Inkie, Hand Painted Sub 3

Your colour will be selected at random on delivery. Due to the hand painted nature of the design there may be some variation in the colours and gradient shown on the website. All the hand painted Minirigs have a similar finish but each Minirig is completely unique.

Born and bred in Bristol, Inkie was part of the first wave of Bristol graffiti artists including 3D, Nick Walker, Crime Inc. and the Barton Hill Youth Centre artists in the early eighties.

Since then he has been at the forefront of Bristol’s art scene both as active artist and as the curator of street art events that attract a wide, international audience.

We are stoked to have him on board for our latest Custom Minirig project where he has delivered us a beautiful range of 360 degree engraved, hand painted Minirig 3s and Minirig Subs.