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Rosie Woods, Hand Painted

Rosie Woods, Hand Painted Minirig 3

Your colour will be selected at random on delivery. Due to the hand painted nature of the design there may be some variation in the colours and gradient shown on the website. All the hand painted Minirigs have a similar finish but each Minirig is completely unique.

‘Having the chance to collaborate with Minirigs is so brilliant for me as a street artist since a portable speaker is my most loyal companion on all jobs I undertake. Music keeps me motivated and connected to my work. My design for this speaker is all about the flow of energy that music sends through your body, connecting your physical being to your soul. I can’t wait to use it!’ - Rosie Woods

Rosie, from London, is most known for her large-scale murals which colourfully blend abstract and realistic elements to create ethereal, punchy impressions on your imagination. The purpose of her work is to delve into the inner experience of being human and express those feelings you can’t put into words.

Having worked as a professional artist for the last 7 years, Rosie has had the chance to travel the world painting, whether it be huge public art commissions, street art festivals or community-based projects. Commercially Rosie has painted for the likes of Alexender McQueen and L'Oreal.