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Surgeon - Minirig Mix

Birmingham Crew!
Introducing our latest offering from the esteemed UK electronic music icon, Surgeon. Dubbed 'the finest techno DJ in the world' by Fact Magazine, and after we heard this one we're definitely inclined to agree!
This one is a proper journey, so crank up the volume and let Surgeon show you why he's seen as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking players in the UK techno scene since '94.
Bas Dobbelaer - Layers of Territory
Rebolledo - Raid a la Joya
Stanislav Tolkachev - Frozen No More
Teste - The Wipe (Rrose remix)
Temudo - U Were My Second First Choice
Architectural - Rare Ceremony Tapes
Leod - Untitled 03
Deetron presents Soulmate - Screen
KTM - Love Dem
Rhyw - Wolf Town
Surgeon - Return
Temudo - 2029
Material Object - Cobalt
Porter Ricks - Shoal Beat
Atrice - CN3
Jurango - PSI
Architectural - Love Drums Massacre
Al Wootton - Natural Forward
Grovskopa - Sex And Violins (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon - Klonk pt2
Peverelist & Kowton - Raw Code (Surgeon remix)
Roska - No Sense
Sylvere - Ah Oui Ah Oui
Scion - Emerge (British Murder Boys Remix 1
Surgeon - Second Magnitude Stars
Soundcloud : @dynamic-tension