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Anaïs - Minirig Mixtape

If you’re local to Bristol or familiar with the scene, then you most likely were introduced to Anaïs some time ago. As a resident for Lakota and core member of the Invicta Audio crew, she has been entertaining ravers for a few years now. If you were to come across her at an event, then you’ll know about it. Jungle house blends, 4X4 switch ups, 99BPM madness – you name it, Anaïs has probably warped your mind with it.
But as good of a DJ she is, Anaïs has been making a name for herself in the scene as a music artist. Her debut EP is more than just a release, it’s a statement of intent from an artist who has so much motivation to learn, and it’s a calling to females out there who want to produce but are unsure of their credentials.