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breathing.system is a new research work by Nik Rawlings (Ni-Ku) exploring fluid, mediated and granular experiences of gender, embodiment and neurodiversity. Using a bespoke multichannel speaker system, integrating 10 MiniRig 3 speakers worn on the bodies of performers, they create a network of live voices and a communal sound body to sing through. 



Temporal, relational and shifting experiences of selfhood, embodiment and gender are a fundamental theme in the work. Spanning Gregorian chant and Sacred Harp singing; club and spiritual, asks- how does a voice tell the story of its body when it is heard through a network? Without the feedback of others’ skin, where does your own body end? Growing new self-hoods and forgetting, destroying or recycling discarded ones; forming in relation to and absorbing others. Each performer/speaker in the work forms a networked node and a collaborator, a carrier and a community member.


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