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BuyMeOnce: Minirigs are Built to Last

BuyMeOnce have a simple message. 'Only buy things once. Love things that last.' They only sell long-lasting products, that the team can stand behind and believe in. They examine the products themselves to ensure it is made to the highest quality and build long-lasting relationships with the suppliers. They believe in buying fewer items of a higher quality, and cherishing these items so they can go on forever! This is an ethos that we strongly believe in here at Minirigs, with each Minirig being hand-built with care here at Minirig HQ in Bristol.

Unfortunately, long-lived electrical items are hard to come by these days, with many having a limited lifespan and no option to be repaired if they fail, but the Minirig is an exception! This is why BuyMeOnce are a happy supplier of Minirig products. Minirigs are designed in such a way that if anything goes wrong, we remove the component, recycle it, and replace it with a new one for you. We are yet to have a Minirig we can't fix!

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