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A Christmas Favour from Frank Water


Safe Water Saves Lives
Sangita is 13 years old. Until recently, Sangita, her mother and sisters would spend hours each day, walking to the nearest supply of water. Even when they got there, the water was often contaminated and unsafe to drink. Sangita's story isn't unusual. Across the world, women and girls spend up to six hours a day collecting water.  
UK water charity, FRANK Water works with people that are hardest to reach.
As well as taps and toilets, FRANK Water supports people to access government support and take ownership of their land, health and education. FRANK Water works with partners to manage water resources and encourage global water security. FRANK Water’s work contributes towards Sustainable Development Goal 6 - providing access to safe water and sanitation for all by 2030.
Since 2005, FRANK Water has provided safe water, sanitation and hygiene training (WASH) to more than 386,000 people in 440 villages across India and Nepal. But there are still 663 million people who have no access to clean water and 2.3 billion people without basic sanitation. 
£11 is all it costs to provide one girl, like Sangita, with safe water, sanitation and good hygiene for life. 
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