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Danny Rankin - Minirig Mixtape

It's a Kurruption ting!
The latest addition to our series comes from none other than Danny Rankin.
You've undoubtedly seen him playing the role of Decoy in the BAFTA-winning BBC mockumentary 'People Just Do Nothing,' where he had the entire Brentford community tuning in to hear his pirate radio smash hits like 'Get Out The Way' and 'A Dis One.' Rumor has it, he's also the undercover dad to Grindah's little Angel, but the less said about that, the better..
Danny flexes his DJ prowess by effortlessly melding London's vibrant garage, funky, and carnival beats into an exhilarating mix that will transport you straight back to the sun-kissed days of summer!
Run it up!
Soundcloud : @dannyrankin