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Degs - Minirig Mixtape

This Minirig Mixtape is from one of Hospital Records' freshest faces - Degs - who came into the limelight back in 2018 with Mixtape Sprayout - an exceptional collection of tunes featuring him on the mic accompanied by the who's who of producers. Fast forward to now and he has too many hits to list. Degs is in full flow.


Degs - Colour My Soul (feat. Logistics)
Refracta - Tears
Degs - No Prisoners (feat. Evil B, De:tune & Citrusfly)
Harley D - Mad
Degs - Levitate Your Mind (feat. Unglued)
Hologram - Gucci Bounce
Degs - She (feat. S.P.Y)
Beeson - Could Be
Degs - Intermission 2020 (feat. Operate)
HumaNature - Circles
Wez Walker - Tut Tut
Degs - Sleepless (feat. Pola & Bryson)
Hoax - Crowd Control
Degs - Black Sheep
IYRE - Drifting Sideways
Mountain - Aegis
BCee x Kubiks x Degs - The Evolution
Wingz - One Beat
Total Science - Squash (Break Remix)
Askel & Elere - 42 (feat. Degs)
Waeys x Unglued - Take 2007
Unglued - Ichnusa
Disrupta - Empty Promises
Bou - Camels
Hugh Hardie - Day 3 Klaxon
S.P.Y - Stardust (feat. BCee)
SOLAH - Time
Degs - Poveglia (feat. De:tune)
Koherent - Stab Trilogy
Justin Hawkes - Neverafter
Degs - Still Messed Up
Degs - Still Messed Up (Whiney Remix)
Dillinja - Friday