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DIGITAL DJ TIPS: 7 extras every new DJ needs.

The folks over at The Global DJ School have compiled this handy DJ Digital Tips guide, showing the '7 extras every new DJ needs'. It is a handy list of essential equipment and tech that can help any budding, new DJ. With these 7 items you're going to achieve a well-rounded and great-sounding DJ setup. Featuring items such as headphones, laptop stands and decksavers.

Swooping in at number 5, is no other than the Minirig 3!  They said: "While your 'studio' or 'main' speakers will be great for practising at home, you're often going to want to listen to your DJ sets, your streaming service, or even do a bit of DJing with your controller (especially if you choose a small one, or DJ from some iOS software) away from those speakers. We like this little Minirig 3 speaker, as it's well-built, loud and feature-packed, and there is no latency on line-in (yes, with Bluetooth speakers, you even sometimes get latency when you wire them)."

We couldn't agree more! The Minirig 3 is a great addition to any DJ setup, whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro, you can achieve great sound anywhere with the Minirig 3. 

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