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Digital DJ Tips Minirig 4 Review

Thank you to Digital DJ Tips for this thorough review!
The Minirig 4 is a small, battery-powered Bluetooth speaker with a flawless wired option, meaning it can be used as both your casual speaker for day-to-day use and also – crucially – as a DJ speaker with zero latency. It’s beautifully designed, well-built, will last you ages, sounds great, and goes very loud. It’s by no means the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, and we have no problems recommending this latest version of a cult classic.
Minirigs are cult speakers for a reason. Apart from their incredible volume and sound quality, they’re really well made, and they are built to last – I have Minirig 1, 2 and 3 models that still work fine.
If you still own older ones, and you’re happy with the way your previous speakers perform, there’s no need to upgrade here. But if USB-C charging, the ability to take calls on a Bluetooth connection from your phone, and the convenience of actual physical volume controls for the first time on the speakers themselves are tempting for you, you may decide to go for an upgrade – you’ll certainly enjoy this latest model.
And if you’re new to the Minirig world? These are the best speaker they’ve ever made. The question may then just be, how many to buy? For me, one of them is a great start, and two will give you a really good micro-monitoring system for your home practice studio, to use as monitors when you’re DJing in smaller venues, and even for intimate parties.

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