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#6 hours -  A Frank Water campaign for World Water Day
Water is critical for all life and wellbeing - a basic human need and right. Yet millions of people still live without easy access to safe, clean water. This places a particular burden on women and girls who spend up to 6 hours a day carrying and cleaning water to make it safe to drink. By the time they’ve repeatedly walked to the nearest water source, filled as many containers as they can carry - and then walked home – there’s no time left for school, work or play. To save having to make yet another trip, they’ll skip washing their clothes, or themselves, so there’s simply enough water to drink. 
This World Water Day, we’re asking you to help us raise £10,000 - enough to provide safe, clean drinking water to nearly 1000 women and girls in India and Nepal. 
Thanks to their partners at Blue Sky Botanics and the Hemraj Goyal Foundation, the first £5000 of donations will be doubled, making every gift twice as important.
Please donate from 9.00am 22nd March until 9.00am 29th March by clicking here.