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FRANK Water's Big Give Christmas Challenge

FRANK Water don't slow down over the Christmas period, and they are taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s largest match- funding campaign. Last year, they raised more than £23,000, which provided life-changing safe water for 876 men, women and children in Telangana. This year they've set themselves an equally ambitious goal to raise £21,000 to support 1840 people living in ten tribal villages in the neighbouring state, Andhra Pradesh. That’s around 480 households that will gain access to safe, clean drinking water. They will work with communities to identify and map water sources and implement the most appropriate and sustainable water infrastructures as well as improving access to sanitation and encouraging good hygiene practices. Check out some of their past work here.

This year, the Big Give Christmas Challenge kicks off on 3rd December. From midday, 3rd December until midday, Tuesday 10th December, all donations will be DOUBLED thanks to match-funding from the Big Give Christmas Challenge. But, it doesn’t stop there. The World Health Organisation estimates that every £1 invested in safe water generates at least four times that amount in increased productivity. That means that your donation will be doubled and then quadrupled by women who have time to earn a living and children who can complete their education now that they have a safe, sustainable supply of water at their door.


 To donate and for more information visit their website here. Donating the cost of a box of mince pies can make all the difference!