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Music Teachers Association Review

Keeping on the theme of Bluetooth®, one very good British brand of Bluetooth®  Speakers I have come across recently is 'Minirig'. They are based in Bristol and  have been developing their speakers for over ten years. They produce three  different speakers that range in price from the £99.95 (RRP) for the Minirig Mini,  through to £139.96 (RRP) for their top selling Minirig 3 and also the MiniSub 3.  
The Minirig 3 is the one of the best Bluetooth® speaker for schools. Not only is it  portable, with loud (40 watts amp!) high quality sound and incredibly stable, it  also has an amazingly long 100 hours of battery life! And if that's not powerful  enough, you can link up other minirigs. Recommended in music education by the  wonderful Ben Sellers and 'Transformance Music' ( ),  Minirigs have also worked well on tour for 'Performance without Borders' and the  Norwich 'BreathEasy Singing Group'.  
And to help give you a clear conscience, they use recycled packaging,  biodegradable plastics and will repair any damaged Minirig from as little £10 via  their excellent UK Customer Service Team. More info at and  for Educational Discounts, please email