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Peloton Liverpool Cooperative

Here at Minrigs we love discovering our speakers are being included in exciting and empowering projects bringing a community together, and that's excacly whats happening with Project Joy Ride, run by the Peloton Liverpool Cooperative. It's a bike ride that's both about building confidence and exploring the city's cultural fabric, where participants can gain insights into its points of celebration and struggles. During the meet-up, riders engage with the city's architecture, its people, and those who are working to address social and structural issues.

Our portable speakers provide the soundtrack to the adventure, playing music that keeps everyone motivated and having fun. Even though bad weather can sometimes put a damper on the ride, they try to keep up events throughout the year, with more frequent outings in the spring and summer.

Their most recent rides include celebrating diversity leading up to Ramadan and supporting local refugees and some of their members who are second-generation immigrants, in response to recent troubles suffered by refugees near Liverpool. Join them for an unforgettable journey of exploration and fun with Joy Ride.

Their next rides are Wednesday 15th March (postponed from Friday 10th) and Friday 17th March.

Check out their instagram.