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Playing with Plant Music

Interdimensional Antenna + Plant Music (June 2019)

This video shows the sculpture, Interdimensional Antenna, reacting to ‘Plant Music’. – To create
Plant Music, electrodes are fixed to the leaves of a plant to detect changes in its electrical activity.
The electrical currents that all plants produce, fluctuate in relation to their environment (including
touching of the leaves). With the use of Midi Sprout electronics, this electrical activity is then
converted into Plant Music, to which sound responsive sculptures can react.
Interdimensional Antenna (2018)
300cm x 87cm
Fluorescent acrylic, aluminium tube, clear acrylic tube, mirror acrylic, pine, Smart control system,
colour changing LED light source, blacklight blue (UV) LED light source.
This heat-sculpted acrylic sculpture has a triangular, pine base which houses a Smart control system.
The control system is connected to three, central strips of state-of-the-art LEDs. This enables
interaction with the sculpture via Smart technology and allows the selection of colours,
programming of sequences and an almost infinite variety of lighting effects. The piece can be
integrated into any Smart home system and can also access the microphone in any smartphone or
handheld device, transforming the sound that is sensed into a synchronised audio-visual display.

Playing with Plant Music - FUTURETRO from FUTURETRO on Vimeo.