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Sound Henge with Madame Ceski

At Minirigs, we're always excited to see innovative use of sound technology. So we were thrilled that local experimental musical artist Madame Ceski (Francesca Simmons) worked on a stone circle sound installation during December 2022, making use of our portable Bluetooth speakers to bring this project to life.

The project invited visitors to step inside the sound circle to be enveloped in a ritual soundscape, triggered by the touch of tactile stones. Madame Ceski used Minirigs with tactile sound technology for a multi speaker sound installation to create a transformative musical experience that linked ancient and modern themes of history, archaeology, and folklore.

We were particularly impressed with the use of stone circles as a place of connection and experience, and are thrilled that Minirigs were used to ignite this dialogue.

It's great to see artists like Madame Ceski engaging with the public in innovative ways and using sound and tactile technology to create transformative experiences.

We're proud that Minirigs played a role in bringing Madame Ceski's stone circle sound installation to life. We look forward to seeing more experimental art projects in the future.

Follow Madame Ceski on instagram @madameceski, website: