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The Story Wagon

Story Wagon provides writing, reading and and storytelling activities that are free at the point of access. It acts as a precious sanctuary for arts and works in our most democratic arena: the streets.

We’re alive during a climate emergency in an unequal society that requires deep changes. We need room for new voices, spaces to imagine new futures, and places to hold conversations we haven’t had before

Writing can be an incredible tool for self-reflection and growth: a powerful way to make sense of your world and to explore the possibilities of other ones.

Story Wagon gives sanctuary: to write, to read and explore, for as many people as possible. 

Its services and facilities are free at the point of use, thanks to generous funders and bookings from private organisations. The Wagon is available for private rentals and we will also have merchandise for sale in the future.

The Wagon has been designed to be accessible with wheelchairs, and for people of all heights. The wagon will be made available to community groups to facilitate activities for their audiences. It is our hope that this cosy sanctuary will become well loved by the many who come to dream in it, and become a platform from which many voices will be heard. 

They will be using Minirigs to apmlify their voices when story telling!