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Background hiss when I am listening to music at low volumes

Every effort has been made to reduce the background noise to give the best possible SNR (signal to noise ratio). This is especially challenging due to the fact that the Minirig 3 goes so loud! With most devices and in low gain, the background noise (hiss) is almost inaudiable.

Using the Minirig 3 in LOW GAIN in aux mode will greatly reduce any background noise or hiss. Always use this gain mode unless high volumes levels are required.
We have seen increased background noise with certain devices with inherently noisy aux audio outputs. This includes some TVs and also older versions of the Macbook pro laptop.

Here are some tips on this subect:

  1. Check the background noise on the track itself is not causing the issue by testing a modern well produced track.
  2. Use the Minirig in Bluetooth mode. Macbooks and most TVs support Bluetooth audio.
  3. Use an aux cable with in-line volume control. Turn up the volume on your TV/Macbook and attenuate the signal with the in-line volume control as necessary.
  4. Use a USB stick type soundcard with your Macbook.
  5. Disconnect any charging cable between the Minirig and the laptop/tv.
  6. Try disconnecting the power supply from the Macbook.
  7. Try changing the Macbook output sample rate/bit depth. EG 44100 16bit to 48000 32bit