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LED is not lighting up, flashing or changing brightness

So you have inserted your Minirig charger cable into the Minirig and connected it to a USB power supply. The LED is not lighting up to show charging as expected:

  1. Firstly, ensure you have pushed the charger cable firmly into the Minirig and USB port.
  2. Please try using a different USB port as the port you are using may be faulty.
  3. Please try using a different charger cable, if your Minirig is now charging it is clear your original charger cable is damaged.
  4. To purchase a new charger cable please go to the accessories page.
  5. If the Minirig is turned off, try pressing the button once to wake the Minirig so that it will notice that the charger cable has been inserted
  6. If the Minirig battery is totally flat, it may take some time before it boots up. Please leave it on charge for at least 1 hour.