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Still unable to pair two Minirigs in wireless stereo

You have followed the troubleshooting guide above but they still do not seem to connect.

There are several reasons why you are having trouble pairing your Minirigs

  1. The Minirigs are too far apart. Place them closer together – less than 2 meters is preferable
  2. One of the Minirigs is already connected to TWO devices. A Minirig can only have TWO devices connected at once, the wireless stereo connection counts as one connection, so if it already has two devices connected (eg phone and tablet) then it will not pair in wireless stereo. Check your devices and turn off Bluetooth to disconnect if necessary.
  3. It may have failed halfway through the pairing process. Turn both Minirigs OFF and ON again to start from fresh.
  4. Take both Minirigs out of wireless stereo “locked” mode if you are trying to pair them for the first time.
  5. The Minirig has paired with too many different devices in it’s past, so it may have trouble connecting. If you RESET the Minirig, it will clear the previously paired list and will be able to connect in stereo more reliably.
  6. Your Minirigs are not up to date and running different software versions. You need to run the Minirig app or Minirig updater app to update your Minirigs.

To eliminate all these possible reasons and get your Minirigs to pair reliably, you can step through the instructions below:

Step 1. - Update your Minirigs
Please make sure both of your Minirigs are running the latest software update. You will need to download the "MINIRIGS UPDATER" app from Google play, or "MINIRIG" app from the iOS app store.

Connect to each Minirig in turn, open the Updater app or Minirig app and follow the on-screen instructions. The Minirig app on iOS will alert you if an update is required. You can check the current software version in the "i" about section of the Minirig app.

Step 2.  - Reset your Minirigs

In the Bluetooth settings on your device please unpair/delete/forget devices until you have no Minirigs showing in the paired devices list. Perform a factory reset on each Minirig by starting with it turned off and holding the LED button for 16-20 seconds as shown in this video:  This will restore it to default and un-pair all devices.

Step 3. - Pairing the Minirigs in wireless stereo mode

  1. Place the Minirigs 1 to 2 meters apart.
  2. Turn on and pair with ONE of the speakers and label it. E.g MASTER using the app. This will make it easier to differentiate them.
  3. Turn the Bluetooth OFF on your phone and turn the second Minirig ON.
  4. Press the button on the master Minirig TWICE to initiate the pairing process, as shown in this video
  5. Once they have paired, turn Bluetooth back ON on your phone and connect to the MASTER Minirig. Play some music and check the Minirigs are playing in stereo.
  6. Check the Minirigs are linked together properly by pressing the button on one of them to change the gain, this should change the gain on both speakers.

Step 4 - Wireless Stereo lock

This will enable the Minirigs to automatically reconnect in wireless stereo every time you turn them on.

  1. Pair them together using the process in Step 3. Check gain changes are synchronised across the two Minirigs - this is important to check!
  2. Open the app. It should automatically connect to the MASTER Minirig and show a "lock" symbol on link-up icon.
  3. Open settings and enable the "wireless stereo lock"