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Troubleshooting Sound issues

If you have connected to the Minirig but no sound is coming out, the first thing to do is check music is actually playing and the volume is turned up on your device. 

It's also possible that the Minirig is connected to and streaming from a second device (which may be turned down). You need to check for other devices (tablets, phones etc) and disconnect them from your Minirig as necessary, or use the app to switch device sources. 

For other sound problems:

  • There is no sound coming out
  • The sound is cutting out
  • The sound is not loud enough

Please try the following:

  1. Make sure the volume on your device is turned up and that the media is playing smoothly. Note that on PCs, there may be more than one volume control.
  2. Media streaming services such as Spotify can cut out while buffering. Test the Minirig by playing music stored on the device.
  3. Pause the music/media on your device for 5 seconds. Then press play again. This often resolves many issues with the connection/volume.
  4. Turn the Minirig off and on again – allowing it to reconnect.
  5. Turn the Bluetooth on your device off and on again – then reconnect.
  6. Check that the Minirig is within range by moving it closer to the device and checking there is nothing in between to disrupt the wireless signal.
  7. Try connecting and playing music using a different device if you have one.
  8. Test the Minirig in AUX (wired) mode.
  9. Reset your Minirig.