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Distorted sound

You have plugged an audio cable into the Minirig Subwoofer and connected the other end to your Minirig but the sound is coming out of the Minirig Subwoofer is distorted

  1. Turn the volume down on the audio source - your signal level may be too high
  2. If you are trying to listen to the Minirig Subwoofer at high volume, make sure the Minirig Subwoofer is in high gain mode
  3. Using headphones, check the quality of the audio you are trying to play from your device
  4. Be aware that the Minirig Subwoofer MUST be used with a Minirig or other speaker. It is a Subwoofer so only plays the low frequency bass section of the audio
  5. If you listen to the Minirig Subwoofer on its own you may hear distortions or limiting noises - these are normally and no audible when the Subwoofer is used with a Minirig as instructed