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Volume is not loud enough

You are playing music via aux cable but it is not loud enough

  1. Check the volume controls on your device are fully turned up. Note that there may be more than one volume control
  2. Check the Minirig Subwoofer is in high gain mode by pressing the button or using the app
  3. Use the Minirig 3 or Minirig Mini in Bluetooth mode and then connect to the sub via the aux cable. Open the app and select “Minirig + Sub” in the audio config page. Then use the sliders to adjust the output aux gain
  4. Check the music you are trying to play is of good quality from a reliable source. It is possible that the audio you are trying to play may not have been “normalised” to play back at the correct volume
  5. Try a different phone or device. Some devices have different output levels
  6. Move the Minirig Subwoofer closer. Place it on the floor, near a wall or in the corner of the room
  7. Add a second Minirig Subwoofer