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Vote Minirig for Trusted Reviews best portable audio award 2012!
You can now purchase Minirig t-shirts via Chemical Records!
Because we like your Minirig photos so much we would like to give someone the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the Gadget Show Live on Saturday 1st December 2012.
Thanks to all who managed to get hold of one. We are now concentrating on stocks on silver Minirigs again but may repeat this range again in the future.
The Minirig is now available in various colours in limited numbers.
Replacement charging cables now available through Amazon.
Minirig cases now available to purchase through Amazon!
Great mention in the Sunday Times “In Gear” section yesterday.
Another great review and recommendation from Reg Hardware.
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Its been a very busy few months and we will update you on all the latest news shortly.
The Minirig has received another great review from Trusted Reviews.